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Application Integration

We help clients solve complex business issues with custom solutions, more efficient processes and deep industry knowledge. Our clients gather, analyze, access and use information from across the enterprise to create value in all aspects of their business.

Our Application Development Methodology:



Work with our clients to develop documents that are relevant to the project startup and lay the foundation for a successful project.



  • Project Scope
  • Project Budget
  • Establish a high-level project plan
  • Establish an Issue/Risk Log


During the analysis phase, our experts work closely with your subject matter experts to understand the details that are typically overlooked. We facilitate requirements sessions and JAD sessions with our customers. Typical deliverables from this phase are:

  • Our customers "AS-IS" environment versus Desired State documents
  • GAP Analysis
  • Project Risks (and mitigation plan)
  • Functional requirements definition
  • Detailed Project Plan


A successful project requires a solid design. Good design comes with experience, our years of experience and industry experts will craft a rock-solid design that will be EXTENSIBLE and EFFICIENT and will stand the test of time. Our deliverables for this phase include:

  • Detailed Technical Design
  • Deatiled Data Flow Diagrams
  • Updated Project Plan


This is where the rubber meets the road, we execute on the Analysis and Design that has been established and approved. At Access Identity, we believe in QUICK WINS, and implementing functionality that will be the most beneicial for your enterprise is our goal.



Testing by the technical teams is a critical success factor for each of our projects. The test cases link back to the requirements to ensure that the features being delivered have been met and also incorporate black box testing techniques. Our experience testers have experience developing test cases and testing each of our prototypes documenting expected versus actual result throughout.



On each of our projects, we develop at least two types of training cirriculums, the first is for System Administrators/Technical Administrators and the second type of training is for end users. Training is a critical component of all projects allowing our customres to understand the skills and techniques required to manage the new application and transition the project maintenance to their internal teams.


User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the process in which the end populations who the project will impact the most, are allowed early access to the "almost final" product. It is this step, and their changes that are the finishing touches to the final product.



Once the project has been signed off on, the changes are promoted to a prodcution enviornment, tested by both technical and business users and rolled-out into production for full use.